Envirosun is a 100% Australian-owned company. With a lifetime of experience and expertise in making energy efficient hot water heaters such as solar hot water systems and heat pump hot water systems. Australian designs built for Australian conditions

Envirosun Solar hot water systems

The solar hot water system is our flagship product and has been in the hot water market for over 2 decades, evolving and improving as water heating technology progresses.

Environ TS Plus solar hot water heater is our thermosiphon (roof-mounted tank) system. This product is an absolute leader in quality, durability, and ease of installation. Our storage cylinder is manufacture in Holland, Europe to the highest standard, and out of type 444 stainless steel, the imported to Australia and assembled in Melbourne. A long-lasting stainless steel tank that is ½ the weight of the mild steel solar hot water systems manufactured by our competitor’s brands make Envirosun, the installer’s choice. The Environ TS Plus has a storage capacity of 300 liters and has an electrical element booster back up

Envirosun AS solar hot water systems are our range of split solar water heaters (tank on ground), manufactured in NSW. These systems are manufactured with vitreous enamel lined mild steel tanks that have anode protection for longer life expectancy. We don’t use stainless steel in our split system as the temperatures that come back from the solar panels can be extreme, over 130degC and in this situation can cause some rumbling and noise within the tank. Envirosun As solar hot water systems come in a variety of tank sizes to suit all homes

Working along side the Envirosun AS solar hot water system is the highly advanced European made “Resol Deltasol” controller, this is proven technology of the highest level of quality and makes the Envirosun AS the best available option in the split solar hot water heater market. The Resol is the brains of the system and controls everything. It also has a simple to read LED screen that tells you the temperature inside the water tank and also the temperature inside the solar panels. This controller paired with the circulating pump that is made in France the Salmson solar hot water pump by Wilo company has a stainless steel ceramic impellor for added life and performance The most advanced technology helps to optimise the whole system. In this way, our solar hot water systems deliver endless hot water free from the sun. The Envirosun As also have a electrical element back up for un favorable weather conditions for solar, so you never go without hot water

Enviroheat heat pump hot water system

Envirosun also produce the Enviroheat heat pump hot water heater. The Enviroheat heat pump comes with the surety and peace of mind that you have purchased a quality hot water system, with a massive 5 year replacement warranty, yes that’s right, if you have a tank or mechanical failure within 5 years of installation, we will replace the system. Enviroheat is also a class leader in power / energy savings. We use advanced technology in our products that are why our products are so popular throughout Australia.


We use only the absolute best materials available in the world solar hot water market to construct our hot water systems. Envirosun hot water heaters are designed in Australia by professionals who have worked in the hot water industry for a lifetime they are built and/or assembled by Australians for the Australian climate. Envirosun has worked hand in hand with the leaders in the solar hot water installation to evolve and develop the best performing solar hot water products that are also very friendly to the installers.

Enviroheat heat pumps have the added protection of not 1 but 2 sacrificial anodes within the storage tank, yes we also build our hot water systems not only to perform but last longer

Energy efficiency

The Environ solar hot water range saves you up to 80% on your hot water heating costs. Environ water heaters have been tested and approved for STC credits, on the government testing guide and STC rating and Envirosun TS Plus and AS split solar can save 40,000kw of power over a ten year period compared to the use of an electric hot water heater, now that’s massive, they break even/payback time with and Envirosun is shorter than you think The Enviroheat heat pump has up to a 71% of energy-saving, this is enough to tell the world that we are the best. Lowering your home’s carbon footprint is much easier with an Enviroheat heat pump.  Enviroheat hot water systems also come with a touch button feature, a mode that works with your solar PV panels to utilize the solar gain hours in operation, no need for an external timer