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Envirosun TS Plus Solar hot water heater information

This Envirosun TS Plus solar hot water heater information page is to provide you with further product brochures, owners/user and installer manuals, component data, brochures and simple explanations  along with additional items for the installation of 

Envirosun TS Plus Solar hot water system TS300/40, TS300/50, TS300/60 close coupled solar hot water system/open circuit (Thermosyphon / Thermosiphon)

How does a Envirosun TS Plus solar hot water heater work

In the Envirosun TS Plus, open circuit, solar hot water system, hot water naturally rises and moves to a hot water storage tank. As the hot water comes in to the storage tank it pushes cooler water to the bottom of the tank (as the hot water rises the cold water falls) where the  only option is to move via the lowest point of the solar storage tank then into the solar collector panels to be heated, as this cycle repeats continuously,  the water in the  hot water storage tank will get hotter and hotter until it reaches the system’s designed maximum temperature.

All of the Envirosun TS Plus thermosiphon open circuit solar hot water systems are protected by a safety solar arrestor valve, this prevents the water from overheating and causing the PTR (pressure/temperature relief) valve from discharging excessive amount of boiling water  Envirosun use AVG TA-20, from the Australian Valve Group

Envirosun THX Plus Solar hot water system TS300/C/40 and TS300/C/60 close coupled solar hot water system/closed circuit (thermosyphon / Thermosiphon)

Closed circuit Glycol solar hot water systems
The Envirosun THX Plus are designed for use in regions that are prone to frost

In the Envirosun THX Plus, closed circuit solar hot water system a transfer fluid “Glycol” is used.  A closed circuit system to explain simply is like how your car uses water and a radiator to cool the engine, a closed circuit solar is like that in reverse the fluid flows through the solar collector panels,  heats up from the sun, has a natural rising effect and transfers this heat to water in the storage tank through a outer jacket (also known as a heat exchanger).

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