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Below we have added some information on how the Envirosun solar hot water systems work

Envirosun TS Plus solar hot water system 

Solar hot water system Brochure, envirosun ts plus
Envirosun TS Plus Solar Brochure
Envirosun TS Plus Owners manual Best solar hot water system
Envirosun TS Plus Owner & Installation Manual
Solar hot water tempering valve
PTR valve for Envirosun solar water heaters
Stainless steel solar hot water systems TS plus Envirosun
Envirosun TS Plus Thermosyphon Solar
Envirosun Glycol solar hot water system, closed circuit solar water heater
Envirosun Closed Circuit (Glycol) Solar
Envirosun solar hot water system for cyclone areas, North Queensland and Northern Territory
Envirosun TS Plus Solar with Cyclone Frame

Envirosun AS Split Solar hot water system

AS Split solar hot water heater brochure Envirosun water heaters
Envirosun AS Solar Brochure
Split solar hot water systems Envirosun AS
Envirosun AS Owner & Installation Manual
Solar hot water valve Envirosun
Envirosun solar control valve
split solar hot water heaters
250lt Envirosun AS Solar
Envirosun AS 315lt hot water system
315lt Envirosun AS Solar
Enviosun split solar hot water system
400lt Envirosun AS Solar

Enviroheat heat pump hot water system

Enviroheat heat pump hot water system brochure
Enviroheat HP Brochure
Enviroheat heat pump manuals
Enviroheat Heat Pump Owner & Installation Manual
Solar hot water system spare parts
Envirosun solar hot water valve
Heat pump water heaters, Enviroheat 200 litre
200lt Enviroheat Heat Pump
Heat pump water heaters, Enviroheat 250 litre
250lt Enviroheat Heat Pump

Envirosun Hot Water is proudly a 100% Australian owned solar hot water manufacturing company

Envirosun solar hot water systems are designed for Australian conditions by Australians with a lifetime of history in the Australian solar hot water market

All our solar hot water storage tanks are assembled in Australia to the strictest of  quality control measures

Enviroheat heat pump is manufactured under license for us by the world’s largest appliance manufacturer

How does the  Envirosun TS Plus solar hot water system work

The solar hot water storage tank and panels are connected together and located on the roof structure, facing in a northerly direction.  Hot water has a natural fall and rise cycle, hot water rises and cold water falls to the lowest point, as the sun heats the water in the collector, it rises and then goes into a storage tank. 

Hot water rises naturally in the tank – this process is called thermo-siphoning, that’s why this type of solar water heaters are known as thermosyphon solar hot water systems and the Envirosun TS Plus model

The colder water at the bottom of the storage tank then travels into the lowest point of the solar collector panel and as it starts to heat up it rises in the solar panels to the highest point, then through a pipe to the storage tank. (shown in diagram)

The solar hot water panels are a sealed cased box with toughened glass face, a manifold of copper pipes and black powder coated copper absorption plates or fins to attract the heat and with the underside being fully insulated, traps the heat inside to give maximum solar gain and heat transfer to the water

This process is a continuous cycle and can save the average household over 80% of their hot water energy usage and related greenhouse gas emissions, not to mention the money that is saved with this type of solar hot water systems

Envirosun, how does a solar hot water system work?

How does the Envirosun AS split solar hot water system work

The AS “active solar”  Envirosun Solar Hot Water Heaters are also known as the split solar hot water system, they offer greater flexibility, improved aesthetics for your home and a larger hot water storage tank capacity

These solar hot water systems only require the solar panels to be installed on the roof with the hot water storage tank located at ground level or any other convenient location throughout the home.  Envirosun AS solar hot water system are relatively simple in operation – when the solar hot water panels (also known as solar collectors) are able to add heat into the storage tank, a small pump is switched on to circulate hot-water from the collectors and replace it with cool water from the tank. 

 The circulation pumps are relatively small and silent, they also draw a negligible amount of power (less than 28 watts) that is also only used when operating or needing solar to increase the hot water storage cylinder’s temperature.   

When the collectors are 6°C hotter than the water in the storage tank, the circulating pump is operated. When the differential falls to 4°C or lower, the pump is not operated. The microprocessor also uses the sensor information to control a suite of over-temperature protection modes:

  • if the water in the Envirosun storage tank reaches 70°C, the solar pump is not operated

  • if the solar collector panels temperature reaches 190°C, the pump is cycled on to control the temperature to below 185°C therefore protecting the solar panels

  • if the solar panels temperature reaches 200°C the pump is not operated to prevent damage

  • if the tank temperature has risen above 70°C and the collectors are cooler the pump is run intermittently to protect the storage tank from damage and overheating 

The Envirosun AS smart control system is absolute state of the art with a LED screen to tell you exactly whats going on inside our weatherproof cover 

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