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Envirosun solar hot water systems and Enviroheat heat pump water heaters is available for everyone to enjoy and take benefit in the amazing products that have been developed and perfected over the past 3 decades.

Our knowledge and experience in the Australian hot water industry is 2nd to none.

Through all the managing directors and associates is a passion and desire to excel with almost lifelong careers in the hot water and plumbing supply industry

Envirosun and Enviroheat hot water products are also sold to the retail market through our ever growing specialist dealer network and merchants

We have 100’s of resellers and installing companies throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.  We are always looking for more dealers and resellers in all areas, if your a trades company, merchant, builder or appliance retail store and looking to expand your product range, send us a enquiry through our contact page

The quality solar and heat pump hot water systems we offer are always evolving as the technology in the water heating industry moves, unlike other brand names that have massive investments in manufacturing plants that are old still producing the outdated products.

Envirosun solar hot water systems have the reputation in the Australian hot water market as a leader in quality and ease to install with our systems coming with all solid brass fittings, all the valves necessary are included like the Cold Water Expansion, NRI / PRV and Tempering valves. Our valves are made by AVG (Australian Valve Group). The solar panels are made with aluminium frames, full copper solar absorption plates and pipes, aluminium mounting frame and stainless steel straps to have less corrosive reaction to all roof types and environments. European solar controllers and pumps are used with our Australian made split solar tanks known as the AS model. The Envirosun TS Plus solar has an imported European made 444 stainless steel cylinder that is assembled right here in Australia.

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